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  • Audio Studio
  • The Hall’s fully equipped audio suite is air conditioned, with great natural light and is based around a Pro Tools | Ultimate HDX system, a Yamaha digital desk and a fully automated mixing control surface.

    With audio/video connections and line-of-sight to the acoustically isolated voice booth, it’s a great place for V/O recording, either wild or to picture. There are also audio and video tie-lines to the TV studio below for larger scale audio recordings as well as connections to the wide range of formats contained in our Central Apparatus Room.

    The audio suite has full media access to the shared storage used by the edit suites, so transferring media to and from ProTools for sweetening, adding V/O and final mixing becomes a quick, seamless process.

    As well as being ideal for TV post-production, our audio studio is also great for audio only productions. These have included radio commercials, several programmes for "A Book at Bedtime" for BBC Radio 4, "Talking Books", music recording and CD mastering.

    The suite has a Prima ISDN audio codec as well as source-connect, for connecting to a variety of different sound studios, enabling distance recording and live interviews with remote locations. This has proved popular for inserts into radio programmes including “Today” on BBC Radio 4 as well as reducing the need for artistes based locally to travel to London, just to record a short V/O.