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  • The Harding FPA (Flash and Pattern Analyser) analyses video in real time for flashing images and spatial patterns which can cause seizures in photosensitive epilepsy sufferers.

    Programmes delivered in the UK, and most other countries, must pass this test prior to being accepted for broadcast.

    Should material fail, it may need to be re-edited to correct any issues before a 'Pass' Certificate can be awarded.

    Should your programme fail a test, we can advise on how to repair the material or can do this efficiently in one of our edit suites if required. We offer one free re-test for failed programmes.

    Most broadcasters now require a certificate with video submission.

    If you need your programme to be tested, or have a programme that has failed a Harding FPA test and would like us to correct it; please call us or fill out our contact form here.